400V LG Chem RESU HV (High Voltage) Battery


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  • TESUP, Oceanside, CA 92056, USA
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Warranty: 10-year product warranty, the LG Chem is also covered by warranty for 3,180 cycles and the amount that is repaid upon failure is dependent on how many years it has been running. For example, in the first two years, a homeowner can expect a 100% cashback warranty upon the failure of their RESU. However, once the unit is three years old, LG will only replace 72% of the total purchase value.

Note I: Delivery of LG Chem RESU ESS (Energy Storage System - Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery) which contain JH3 Cells might take up to 14 days. Plywood boxes are being well packed and prepared by the vendor as to be shipped as classified by the U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration under Hazard Class/ Division 9.

Note II: LG Chem RESU ESS units (Proper shipping name: Lithium-ion batteries including lithium ion polymer batteries) cannot be refunded at any time due to its high shipping costs which were already being paid by the vendor on the day of purchase or any change in the battery or packaging invalidates specially prepared DGN (Dangerous Goods Note) shipping permit which is required by U.S. Department of TransportationU.S. Department of Transportation`s shipping permit. Product warranty is for 10 years as stated above.

The newly designed LG Chem RESU range of lithium-Ion battery packs provides the perfect solution for energy storage regardless of your requirements. With options like the RESU-PLUS allowing for expansion of system capacity at anytime, this provides system owners with the perfect option for future-proofing their energy requirements.


The compact and lightweight nature of the RESU is world-class. It is designed to allow easy wall-mounted or floor standing installation for both indoor and outdoor applications. The inverter connections have also been simplified, reducing installation time and costs.


LG Chem’s L&S (Lamination & Stacking) technology provides durability ensuring 80% of capacity retention after 10 years.


LG Chem places the highest priority on safety and utilizes the same technology for its ESS products that have a proven safety record in its automotive battery. All products are fully certified in relevant global standards.


Product Details

Ah rating: 1-65 Ah

Dimensions: 29 x 36 x 8 Inch (W/H/D) (RESU10H)

Material: Lithium-Ion

Voltage: 400 V

Weight: 220 Ibs (RESU10H)


Package Dimensions & Weight

  • RESU10HE: 42 x 38 x 18 Inch & 275 Ibs

Hazardous material according to UN 38.3 / Transport Hazard Class 9

LG Chem RESU Datasheet

400V LG Chem RESU Battery


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