TESUP Master940 Wind Turbine (Fully optimised for marine & ground conditions)


Customer reviews on Amazon.com; "This turbine does work as advertised and I have Only had it up 1 day and had hardly any wind and so far I have seen 60 watts and 6 AMPS IN VERY LOW WIND! I like the way it attaches to the pole it just slides on pole and tighten hex nuts to secure."


Rated Power @11.5 m/s= 585 Watts

Rated Power @15 m/s= 940 Watts

Warranty: The 5-year product warranty
Colour: Platinum Grey

Mounting pole: Any 1 1/2" metal pipe or scaffolding

A game changer technology by TESUP: Master940 Wind turbine can be used without batteries; charge controller transfers overloads to resistors with balanced braking. This is a powerful wind turbine; you might not need to switch it off under a storm if your battery capacity is big enough (i.e. 10 kWh).

+ For more power demanding applications
+ More increased sweep diameter (1600 mm turbine blades)
+ Led light underneath the wind turbine body: Perfect for marine applications at night
+ Strong aluminium body: One piece casted
+ Tail surface area is 1/3 of the sweeping area: As described in fluid mechanics engineering books
+ Quieter wings: Improved wing airfoils
+ Injection moulded glass-fibre reinforced plastic blades, 3rd generation
+ Sweep wind turbine blades (new for small wind turbines): More sweep area than straight ones
+ Movement at lower wind speeds: 3 m/s
+ Double bearings: Less vibration
+ Inox bearing: Stainless
+ Extended tail shape: Catches the wind great
+ 3 cable slip ring: This high-tech slip ring is being used in the aircraft industry
+ Charge controller: With manual brake and automatic resistance power transmitting
+ Adjustable charging voltage: Charge controller`s max. charging voltage is adjustable via potentiometer

The newly developed TESUP Master940 is a wind generator for professional use, which reliably supplies energy even under extreme conditions automatically. The generous dimensioning of the generator components and the heat dissipation via the newly developed housing ensure a low thermal load which ensures a long service life even at high ambient temperatures.

The generator shaft runs in two encapsulated and permanently lubricated ball bearings made of stainless steel. At the front bearing, a special friction-free sealing disc prevents the penetration of moisture and dust. This wind turbine produces AC, please purchase any of listed hybrid charge controllers for DC output to charge batteries.

This turbine has a permanent magnet generator having strong neodymium magnets with steel slots inside. When the wind speed is over 3 m/s, the turbine will be rotating freely by exceeding this holding torque (cogging torque).

Mounting pole`s outer diameter has to be 48.3 mm. There is steel mounting lead (protector guide to easy-mount) which has an internal diameter of 48.3 mm length 40 mm with 6 screws inside the screw bag within a carton box.

The maximum charging voltage can be set manually by rotating blue button which can be found on the charge controller`s motherboard. Rotating clockwise would increase the max. charging voltage limit.
- The maximum charging voltage of 12 V Charge Controller is 14.20 V
- The maximum charging voltage of 24 V Charge Controller is 28.40 V
- The maximum charging voltage of 48 V Charge Controller is 58.00 V
Charge controller`s max. charging voltage is adjustable via potentiometer.

List of screws (are included with the box)
Blades` connection: 6 x M6x25 (recommended) or M6x20(length) screws
Tail connection: 2 x M6x35 screws and 2 x M6 screw nuts
Body to tower connection: 6 x M8x20 or M8x25 screws
Hub connection: 1 x M6x60 screw
Blade flange to spindle connection: 1 x M16x1.5 screw nut
Front body cover connection: 4 x M6x70 screws


Box Weight & Dimensions
2.52x1.30x0.79 ft & 25 Ibs

Master940 Wind Turbine (Made in Europe)

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