TESUP i-500 Wind Turbine (Fully optimised for ground conditions)

US Norms Rated Power @11.5 m/s= 200 Watts

Maximum Power @16.0 m/s= 560 Watts

Warranty: 2-year product warranty


The box contains

  1. 500W Wind Turbine
  2. Manual Switch
  3. 650W Hybrid Charge Controller (optional)



  • Strong plastic body: Perfect for portable applications
  • Quieter wings: Improved wing airfoils
  • Movement at lower wind speeds: 3 m/s (6.7 mph, 10.8 km/hr)
  • Double bearings: Less vibration
  • Inox bearing: Stainless
  • Extented tail shape: Catches the wind great
  • 3 cable slip ring: This high-tech slip ring is being used in aircraft industry
  • 650W Hybrid charge controller: With automated brake


Specification Summary

The newly developed TESUP i-500 is a wind generator for professional use, which reliably supplies energy even under extreme conditions automatically. The generous dimensioning of the generator components and the heat dissipation via the newly developed housing ensure a low thermal load which ensures a long service life even at high ambient temperatures.


The generator shaft runs in two encapsulated and permanent lubricated ball bearings made of stainless steel. At the front bearing, a special friction-free sealing disc prevents the penetration of moisture and dust. This wind turbine produces AC, please purchase any of listed hybrid charge controllers for DC output to charge batteries.


This turbine has a permanent magnet generator having strong neodymium magnets with steel slots inside. When the wind speed is over 3 m/s, the turbine will be rotating freely by exceeding this holding torque (cogging torque).


Mounting pole`s internal diameter has to be 37 mm. There are 2 screws inside the screw bag within carton box. For the mounting pole details please have a look at the link.



- Maximum charging voltage of 12V Hbrid Charge Controller is 14.9 V

- Maximum charging voltage of 24V Hbrid Charge Controller is 29.0 V


Carton box dimensions: 60x40x20 cm

A-V120 carton box dimensions: 75x55x22 cm

Carton box weight: 6 kg


TESUP Unpacking Instructions

TESUP Wind Turbine Datasheet

i-500 Wind Turbine (Made in Europe)

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