SMA Sunny Island Battery Inverter

Warranty: 5-year product warranty


Designed for rough ambient conditions for stand alone or grid back up operation. All Sunny Islands are 48V.


  • Compatible with many well-known brands of lithium-ion battery and all lead-acid batteries
  • Includes integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet interfaces
  • Allows set-up using laptop or Smart device (phone or tablet)
  • IP54 protection to allow outdoor installation if required.
  • High efficiency (>95%);
  • Low standby & idle consumption (25W/4W);
  • Operating temperature range of -25 to +60 deg C.
  • OptiCool system ensures high power in high temperatures by cooling the encapsulated transformer but keeping air ventilation away from coated circuit boards & electronics to ensure high protection for humid or salty atmospheres.
  • Includes two free programmable relays per unit to enable load shedding or other use and timers to enable daily, weekly, or monthly functions.


In single-phase systems only one SMA Sunny Island inverter can be used. Three-phase systems can be achieved using a cluster of three SMA Sunny Island inverters.


SMA Sunny Island Website

SMA Sunny Island Battery Inverter (48V LG Chem compatible)

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