* 4 KW, wide input voltage range (30-600 V)

* Ultra low startup voltage at 30 V

* Low noise emission <45 dB(A)

* Built-in Wi-Fi communication

* 2 MPP trackers and inputs


D3000 High efficiency single phase inverters with the Wi-Fi. Perfect choice for TESUP Wind Turbines and residential PV systems.


Aluminium housing ensures long lasting protection against moisture and corrosion.  Suitable for indoor and outdoorapplications (IP65). 98.0% peak efficiency, 97.5% CEC efficiency. Max current is 12 A each MPPT.


Just 41.9 lbs (19.0 kg)

Grid support regulation: UL 1741 SA, California Rule 21 phase 1, 2 (pending), HECO Compliant


10-Year free TesupCare product warranty comes with this inverter.

Solar and Wind Grid Inverter

SKU: D3000

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