SolarEdge Auto-transformer for North America

Warranty: 12-year SolarEdge US guarantee


The SolarEdge 5kW Auto Transformer is designed to be connected to a StorEdge inverter for SolarEdge systems including battery backup. It acts as a transfer switch, senses power from the grid and sends the battery and solar power to the backup load panel when the grid goes down. Without it, you would keep sending power to the main house panel or the grid. It's required for any StorEdge system with batteries and is designed to regulate AC power for your critical loads if the grid goes down. The StorEdge system is compatible with 400Vdc LG Chem RESU and 350Vdc batteries including the Tesla Powerwall home battery.



  • 5,000 watts continuous output for your backup loads
  • 7,600 watts peak power output (10 seconds)
  • NEMA 3R enclosure included for outdoor protection against the elements
  • Includes thermal protection.


Storedge Applications Connection and Configuration Guide

SolarEdge Auto-transformer (400V LG Chem compatible)